Ian Hamilton’s Case at the November workshop

The workshop at Jill Newman’s studio (see blog) was the first time our Art and Homeopathy group has met to actually work together. Previously we have met at the studio in Bloomsbury and shared ideas. One thing we did know was that hands on was  the  only way to experience the power of the approach we all believe in.

We decided that we would each contribute a word and then draw one word at a time from the hat (see picture on blog!) and then each interpret the word. The idea was to then see what was emerging for everyone as an interpretation. We felt that it would show the range but also any similarities – a bit like a proving.

I did a word to go in the hat and it was written in charcoal. I just chose this from the range of media we had, felt almost compelled to . I then wrote the word “Skelington”. It also had a cartoon human skull on it. Someone said Carbo veg. Yes it’s the corpse reviver!

As it happened my word was chosen and we each set about our personal take on this. There were at least two people who did  a multi media 3 D image. I chose to do a painting using the three primary colours; red, yellow and blue.

cam1 024

I was quite amazed at what came out. I did a central circle of yellow and then a ring of blue then one of red. Then I decided it was too stark and I used water to soften it (image on the right). Then I took a mirror print by putting a fresh sheet of paper on top of the wet original and ended with a much softer pleasing “ghost” of my original (image on left). It was very important for me that water was used to soften things. It was all too stark otherwise.  I do know that I am much better by the sea and near water (I live next to a river and have a place by the sea I go to every week). My last remedy is > by the sea. So something of me is coming out in the picture. I was very pleased with the final print.   Everyone made comments about each art work as it emerged and there were different interpretations of mine. All agreed however that the ghost print was an interesting outcome.

An eczema case from Wendy Pauls

Woman, C, just divorced from husband, with eczema on both arms. Treated her previously for eye complaints which presented like hayfever inflammations and which flared up red and raw under emotional stress and from crying. She had self worth issues .

The eczema is scabby and red and dry

Extracts of her recent conversation:

‘For a long time I hated the eczema and was so angry about it. I just wanted it to go and it made me feel so disfigured and anxious. Do you remember how stressed I used to get about my son’s eczema? It’s just the fear – not knowing how long it will last and where it will spread to. This was the first time that I had it all over my body and to me it was really symbolic of my pain and grief and the process of releasing blocked energy and toxins from me. But it also made me feel weak and disempowered. Whenever my skin is clear I feel different – more hopeful, peaceful and have a sense of power.

I think it served a purpose as well – that of protecting me; a barrier from the outside world. So as long as I felt the disfigurement I wasn’t able to engage in other relationships – although part of me wanted to. It still acts as a bit of a barrier but more symbolically

I had an image of my eczema as a big yellow and black eel like creature with fanged teeth full of brown sludge being really angry and thrashing around as if to protect me. There was an angel trying to coax it away and saying it wasn’t necessary to be like that anymore.

Now because my skin is not so bad and my face is generally clear, I don’t feel the same anxiety and fear. I just try to understand it symbolically. It still maps my heart chakra – my arms get really sore after acupuncture which releases energy along the heart lines. I also think it reflects my intestines and food intolerances. I see it as serving a healing purpose and almost as if when my skin is completely clear, the process will be complete.

(The picture 1) It’s called ‘Dreams of Morrocco’ as I want to go climbing there. To me it symbolises the freedom and adventure that I have found both through climbing and the friendships and relationships I have built with fellow climbers. Climbing helped me so much to cope through the divorce – just to focus my stress and anxiety on something. I also felt very weak emotionally and powerless against my ex; but in climbing I had such physical strength. As my anxiety has gone my climbing has improved and become bolder.

When I climb outdoors I just love looking at the rock and how it will reveal itself to me and teach me how to work with it so I can climb safely on it. I talk to it as I climb and get to know different texture and folds in the rock so the painting has a lot of texture. I also try to look at colour and see that colours aren’t always as we think they are. I don’t know what I’m doing with paint still but the emerald green on the ground is beautiful.’

This pt likes to follow her own intuition, she felt that she should take sea kelp and did so. She was told to explore ‘silver birch’ but has not done so, so after seeing her picture I said we could consider it as a remedy as it treats skin conditions, or at least see where it would bring her. Her picture has a rough scabby red texture not unlike her skin condition, The image of her eczema as a ‘big yellow and black eel like creature’ with her angel coaxing her away makes us think of anacardium and the angel/devil image but I feel that as she recently herself contributed the idea of silver birch it needed to be followed through .

pic 1 morroco

Picture 1: Dreams of Morocco

Analysis of Silver Birch from Madeline Evans Meditative provings suggests that it is helpful for people going through change and the challenge of letting go. For stressful states and ‘years of crying’. It has an affinity with the kidneys and the skin. For peeling (like the bark) dry skin. Releases toxins, releases and balances female energy where this has been supressed

Silver Birch 30C

After the remedy she decided to go climbing in Spain. She made 4 new pictures. This is her next one.


She has made flower pictures before, but this is the first I have seen with mostly grasses. Given her previous eye sensitivity and allergic hayfever type reactions, it seems logical now to explore the grasses. There is the term ; ‘grass widow’ given to someone whose husband has left her. But which grass ?

I found a proving of bluegrass; poa pratensis which has symptoms of itchy eye allergic reaction, and desire for creativity.

Here is the link

The provers have included little drawings/doodles within the write up .But am not sure this grass looks like the ones in her picture

If she was talking of feeling crushed now like she has in the past I may have considered Bellis-per , as she often paints daisies and they grow in wild meadows. It has eczema in the symptom picture and issues around relationship break up. Silica would also be up as a possibility as it makes grasses/plants stand up straight

When she returns from her climbing trip she will send me her other pictures and we can see if the image repeats and she will tell me how she feels emotionally.

Case of  ME – 19 yr old woman – IH case

Patient referred from herbalist colleague. Patient diagnosed with ME 10 years ago. Also diagnosed with osteoporosis and in wheelchair. Full case only available to group members but salient points to images are:

Very delicate, legs very thin, waxy  pale skin, very weak ankles. very sensitive to all medicines. Had Baptisia as herb, which helped her so I gave it in potency. Helped more, especially with  asthmatic symptoms.

During case taking noted that patient is an artist and I asked for examples of work. These are shown below. She produces work for sale by the ME Society.

I gave Calcarea  silicata 6c and Baptisia 6x daily. This was without seeing the images.


In RADAR, the screen shot eilidh screen 2 

gives interesting results.  Silica and Calcarea carbonica are leading, with Calc phos indicated. I was going to give this but decided on Calcarea silicata instead. The Silica element seems strong. When I had the images, I was surprised to see that of the two crossed flowers. Very thin and spindly, but standing up! The other image repeated is of the butterfly. Delicate seems to be the message. Note also the boot is an ankle boot!

plant eilidh

Eilidh ME Cards




Wendy Pauls – A case from Camphill Community

CASE OF AH wendy

Ian Hamilton and Wendy Pauls – The case which we presented at the Edinburgh Fringe show. Watch the slide show in full screen mode and have an audio link open.

salmon case

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