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Welcome to the new art and homeopathy movement. We are here to promote art in all its forms as part of the homeopathic consultation. Our main message is that everyone, including our patients, communicates through creativity at some level, be it music, drawing, writing, singing, acting or some passion you have. We are a group of homeopaths from all over the UK who share a common understanding and awareness of human expression. What is this expression? In all of its aspects it’s the whole way the patient has their being. Artistic expression is one way of them showing this. Not just drawing a picture; but expressing their creative force. The urge to be creative is human. It’s about the inner force beyond just survival. Pic aussie 2We try to use this urge in our practices and meet regularly to talk and show what we are each doing. Workshops and events happen across the country. The next event is in planning for later this year, when a new clinic is opening in Harley Street, London. Keep watching – we are growing fast! Read our blog (on the About Us button). Look at the Events page for details of all planned events, all homeopathy based. Look at the case studies on the Cases page.

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