About us

We are a group of homeopaths practising in the UK. Mainly based around London at the moment, there are members of the group also in Scotland and Yorkshire. Many of the current members are registered with the Society of Homeopaths,  http://www.homeopathy-soh.org

The founder of the group is Ian Hamilton RSHom, until recently the editor of The Homeopath the journal of the Society of Homeopaths.  Ian practises in Edinburgh and London and  Dunkeld in Scotland.  Artists of all sorts are a particular focus as patients. Please contact us for appointments or other details.

Other group members are: Katerina Roberts,  Angelee  Agarwal RSHom , Ellen  Mcneill RSHom, Sue Houghton, Jill Newman, Lis Hasted RSHom, Wendy Pauls RSHom, Angie Zajak RSHom. For the RSHoms, their contacts are on the Society of Homeopaths website, under Find a Homeopath.  More people are also becoming involved.

Watch the Events page for the next meeting of the group, or to make contact see the contacts section. Or click the Follow Us link below! To join the next meeting see the invitation at the foot of the Home/Welcome page.

The purpose of the group is to actively use art in all of its forms to further the effectiveness of case taking and help lead to the best remedy for the patient. We meet often and devise ways of recording the evidence for using art in this way and to create art ourselves. The article below is a an explanation and justification of the approach.

feature article art and h

The group of homeopaths in their own practices, will be continuing this as a matter of course in most cases. The aim is to gather as much information as possible about how art affects the case taking, the patient, the homeopath and ultimately our understanding of
homeopathy, using it improve our art and science. It is not another new way of doing homeopathy. It is most guided by The Organon, §98It is certain that, on hearing about a patient’s ailments and sensibilities, one has to ascribe belief principally to the patient himself, especially to his own expressions with which he can render an account of his sufferings.(these are wont to be altered and falsified in the mouths of relations and attendants). However it is just as certain that the investigation of the true and complete image of the disease and its details requires ….special circumspection, scrupulousness, knowledge of human nature, cautious enquiry and patience – all to a high degree”.We have a new member of the group who read the article in The Homeopath, and discovered that she was not alone and that the work she has been doing for years on building a repertory of how art can be used in case taking, is valid and powerful. dav
Other ways in which art is important is in using colour as a way into a case or the use of pictures in all sorts of different ways, as means of finding out about the patient.  Drama and the love of certain plays can also be a way into a case and a remedy, with the following clip of a Strindberg play clearly showing the remedy Platina. This was actually the favourite play of a patient who is an actor. Of course there were other indications but this was a powerful confirmation of the remedy which helped her. Watch the video. It is about the main character’s delusion she is on a high place, a particular symptom of the remedy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lrrq0bYLwQQ

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