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Ian Hamilton BA Hons, DSH, RSHom. I have been practising homeopathy since 1989. I  studied at Misha Norland’s School of Homeopathy and my teachers included Jeremy Sherr, Janet Snowden and David Mundy. I have also studied with Rajan Sankaran and George Vithoulkas. I have practiced in Scotland and Wales and currently have practices in Dunkeld, Perthshire and in Edinburgh, where I see patients in more informal settings than a conventional clinic. Many of my patients are artists and they find they respond well to homeopathy with my methods. I was  editor of The Homeopath  from  2010 – 2015.  I founded the Art and Homeopathy group in 2014. http://www.therapy-directory.org.uk/therapists/ian-hamilton


Katerina Roberts, BSc(Hons), Cert Ed.  Katerina runs a private homeopathic practice in South East London and Kent.  She is a part-time tutor at Bromley Adult Education Centre, where she teaches a variety of Complementary Health courses.  She has a degree in Homeopathy and also holds qualifications in Aromatherapy and Reflexology, which she has  incorporated into her practice, offering her clients a unique holistic treatment. As an art lover, she considers herself  fortunate to have been employed by the  Anthony d’Offay Gallery in London during the early 1990’s as she was able to become familiar with the works of a range of wonderful artists represented by the gallery which included Gilbert & George, James Turrell, Carl Andre,  Gerhard Richter, Joseph  Beuys, Cecil Collins, Michael Andrews,  Jasper Johns, Jeff Koons, Anselm Kiefer, Richard Long and Andy Warhol.

Currently, she is interested in exploring the relationship between art, disease and healing with an emphasis on using homeopathy to address the imbalances that cause ill health for the individual.  She can be contacted by email at katerinapersonal@yahoo.com or telephone 01689 827936. http://www.ntpages.co.uk/katerinaroberts


Jill Newman DSH

I am an artist, performer and a qualified homeopath. (A graduate of Goldsmiths College, London in Fine Art textiles, Cirque Archaos, Sushma Mehta in Kathak Dance  and Dr. Yubraj Sharma World Of Light Academy in Shamanic Homeopathy)I have  an ever-expanding interest in art and movement-based healing .I am also an educator –  working in community arts and dance  for over 15 years. I teach healthy eating and cooking at a mental health arts charity.

My passion and experience is in Arts and Health. I have designed and delivered community projects for over 25 years – where I have successfully inter-woven the two themes. I believe they are intrinsically linked. I like to encourage people to empower themselves through creative expression and through taking an active role in their well-being.

Being a core member of the Art & Homeopathy group allows me to explore healing, creative expression and the arts with other like-minded and supportive people.


Wendy Pauls BA(Hons) RSHom. A short Biography

Wendy Pauls is a homeopath, artist and chef who lives in York. She started out achieving an Honours degree as an artist, then began a career as a vegetarian and vegan chef, setting up and running several restaurants since the 70’s, until now with her shared venture now nine years old; Goji Café in York. … teaching art and cooking along the way. When homeopathy quickly cured her daughter of a stubborn complaint, so the journey began to understand homeopathy and to use it wherever and whenever required. She qualified as a registered homeopath in 2005, and claims it is the best choice she ever made in life.
It was whilst working with adults with art, and prescribing homeopathy for them but separately, that she realised that art could successfully combine to become a tool to aid diagnosis and deepen knowledge and awareness of the case in hand and to that end started to compile and record methods to do so. Some years and plenty of study and research later she discovered the homeopath Ian Hamilton had just initiated and founded an art and homeopathy group. Delighted to discover that she was not alone in her thinking, Wendy joined his venture.
Unfazed by sceptics who deride it, she agrees with the homeopath Clarke who says that ‘ Homeopathy can no more be patronized than can the law of gravity. Both the one law and the other will work independently of anyone’s approval’
‘In any case’, she says, ‘It is all part of the same aim as far as I am concerned, whether I am cooking, painting or practising homeopathy, and that is to uplift, heal and restore the human spirit so that it resonates with a sense of health and well-being’
Wendy can be contacted :
M: 0781790 4246

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