Ian Ferguson Hamilton BA DSH RSHom

Consulting Homeopath

My way of working with people is to open their creative power to heal themselves. Homeopathy is the channel. Homeopathy is a unique energy medicine of mind, body, and emotions.  A dynamic medicine, a gentle and elegant way to open our ability to heal ourselves.

I use art as a way into finding the remedy, along with the more traditional approach of classical homeopathy. This means taking a case in a one to one consultation but with my experience of case  taking I introduce art and how people work with it, as a fundamental form of expression. Many artists as clients have found that their art is a major way of expressing their homeopathic picture and leading to a curative response.

Thirty years of practice have given me the skills to find the way to a healing place. Working  together as co-creators, the client and I find the gentlest path to cure which will lead to a real, permanent change. Art and homeopathy is about using the place where the circles of mind, body, emotions overlap. This is the creative point, where the three human attributes become a crisis of both sickness and healing. We find that point and by choosing the remedy it shows us, unlock the healing energy. Everyone has that point as we are all creative beings – it’s our human gift. The ability to heal ourselves. We don’t need to be artists to do this. Just creative. I have practices across the UK see below for details. Also available in York, in collaboration with my colleague Wendy Pauls.

Tigh Fhada  Inver  Dunkeld  Perthshire PH8 0JR 

01350 727245

1 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QD

0777 052 9210

Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, 25 Palmerstone Place Edinburgh EH12  5AP

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