One year on – our anniversary meeting

i’ve just found out, courtesy of Linkedin, that it’s a year since I officially Founded the Art and Homeopathy group. It also is the anniversary of our first meeting in London at Terry Duffy’s studio in Bloomsbury.

cam july 15 006

We no longer meet there, but instead meet at other art related venues. Last November we met at group member Jill Newman’s studio in Southwark; then we had a hands on art weekend in York, with Wendy Pauls, another group member, curating.

In June we met at the Art Workers Guild in Bloomsbury and the latest meeting, last week was again at another Jill venue, her studio at the  Balfour Street Housing Project near Elephant and Castle. It was again hands on and curated by Jill. We had another new member join us, Kath Law, who is a homeopath, artist and theatre studies student.  We each did an art work, based on dreams, and Jill shared some of her own work. Images to follow on the next blog post.

We also discussed our intention to do a proving of an art work, using Sherr protocols as a  framework. We have devised a way that this can work and will be doing it sometime soon.

Other big developments are the exciting preview of the new work led by Jackie McTaggart, collaborating with artist Caroline Howitt and poet Angelika Sivyer, which will be at the Society of Homeopaths Conference at Keele in September.   (see blog 21 May 2015).     This work, based on the Pattern, Jackie’s exploration of the periodic table and the 18 Stages, is showing the homeopathic journey through the Stages , as an artistic journey as well, the two things being inextricable. Jackie and I met in Manchester last week and I saw one of the original prints which will be available soon.  The Art and Homeopathy Group is sponsoring this preview.

In a personal development for me, I have been asked  to speak on Art and Homeopathy at a global conference on CAM in Chicacgo in October and my abstract has been accepted!

It’s all very excting. Anyone wishing to join us please contact me at or respond to this blog post.


Art and Homeopathy Group sponsor special Preview at Society Conference

We are delighted to announce that the Art and Homeopathy Group will be official sponsors of the exciting new work by well known Manchester homeopath Jackie McTaggart, in collaboration with an artist and a poet. The preview will be at the Society of Homeopaths Autumn Conference at Keele University, 19-20 September.

Remedy responses to the Dumas show at Tate

Two more of our group – Jill and Angelee – went to the Dumas show at Tate Modern. They both report on their feelings about remedies which they felt strongly suggested from the work.

There is no doubt that it is that sort of work. It moves and affects you profoundly.

Here are the two pieces from Jill and Angelee. Taken with Maria’s aricle in the previous blog, they show how powerful art is in creating all sorts of responses on a visceral level. Important for our thesis that art communicates and expresses profoundly.

Marlene Dumas at The Tate Modern jill piece

Angelee adding to Jill

I am planning to go to the artist’s talk at the Tate on 16th April to ask her about the work.

My Head Hurts: Migraines and Headaches – Homeopathy Heals

Homeopathy To Heal

I was speaking to a holistic health practitioner a couple of weeks ago. She mentioned about a client of hers who suffers with terrible headaches/migraines. This person had done many things to help – western medicine and different forms of holistic medicine. I don’t believe she has done homeopathy, yet.

So many people suffer with headaches and migraines. The headaches can be extremely debilitating and very painful.  Making it Headache2011-09-05very difficult for the person to do their daily activities of work, taking care of their family, and just living. Often, the person needs to take time off from work, and lay down in a quiet, dark room. The flare ups of these headaches can last for a few days, and can occur weekly.

People use many different kinds of medications for their headaches, often labeling some of them as their ” hard core meds”.  These medications may lessen the pain…

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