Wrong attribution of article

A journal of which I am on the editorial board, has published an article about Nepal under my name and attributing it to Art and Homeopathy. It is the work of a colleague who has been to Nepal. It is case of misattribution. The article is very interesting but is not my work.

Anyone wishing to read the article please apply to me and I can direct you to it.

Ian Hamilton

Great success for launch of artwork at Society of Homeopaths Conference

I was at the Society conference in Keele University this weekend where the new artwork by Jackie McTaggart and her collaborators was exhibited. The image below by Caroline Howitt and the related Haiku from poet Angelika Sivyer is of Stage 10 in the Pattern, as Jackie perceives it



The show of all the images and poems was a great attraction for conference delegates and the work can be acquired at http://unturnedstones.co.uk/

Art and Homeopathy also took centre stage as sponsors and there was much interest in what we are doing as a movement. It was a perfect symbiosis between the works of both groups of artists and homeopaths.

We sponsor great new art and homeopathy work

This weekend, the new work by Jackie McTaggart, with artist Caroline Howitt and poet Angelica Sivyer will be launched at the Society of Homeopaths Conference at Keele University. See http://www.unturnedstones.co.uk and the art and homeopathy group is sponsoring. This is the first collaboration between Jackie, Caroline and Angelica, but also the first between two different groups of people working at the inerface between art and homeopathy. it’s a real milestone.

Look here at the details of the promotion we will be distributing at the show.

Hamilton A&H leaflet 98029-1

Our latest group work

At our meeting in London in July, we set out to produce illustrations of dreams we had each had, to see what emerged on an unconscious level, but in visual representation.

What emerged were three totally different images but oddly with one theme which was not even mentioned before we began. Staircases of one sort or another were at the centre.

It seems we were tuned into some commonality – maybe a vestigial proving?

image A

image B

image C

the latest in the art of homeopathy

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