Open meeting in December in London

We had our latest meeting in The Studio in Bloomsbury on December 12th with 5 new people attending. The 2 hour meeting was very lively and  featured 2 cases, music and homeopathy and great contribtions from  new and existing group members.

There was a new picture from Terry Duffy for all to wonder at and gain inspiring ideas.  This image is over 2 metres high!


We  also had with us Maria Jevtec author of From cave to computer and a classical musician. Sue Young FSHom, who is our homeopathic historian came along and talked about her research on John James Garth Wilkinson,

Sue also introduced me later to a paper about Tarentism, as we were discussing the role of music in homeopathy in general and Tarentula, the remedy, in particular . This linked to an earlier post on Homeopathy 4everyone which had an article on Tarentula and showed a great video of a song from Diana Navarro about the spider which describes the materia medica!

We also had with us Angie Zajac, who did a proving of Millennium eclipse in 2000. This had us talking about provings of imponderables and we remembered Sankaran’s A Proving of Music in his book The Substance of Homeopathy. This had a CD of Raga, the healing music which can tune to the emotional state of a patient and act in a healing way. So already homeopathy can be art!

Our next meeting is in York at the end of January, which is for the members of the group and will be a whole weekend of  art, homeopathy and music. Probably we will do a proving of an art work and we will do a proving using art as the medium of recording.

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